How Rattan Furniture Can Work in Your Office

May 15, 2022 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home Improvement

In the business world, not much attention is paid to the subject of office furniture. While office decor may seem like a trifle compared to making profits and increasing work efficiency, it is a subject worth pondering. Your office furniture or decor sends a message to your visitors, potential business partners, and employees.

Multiple studies have shown that aesthetically-pleasing offices have a positive impact on morale, productivity, and recruitment. For example, one study by Clutch observed that a majority of employees (61%) that the company surveyed valued an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable workplace more than other important workplace traits such as flexibility and special perks.

With this in mind, one of the easiest ways to improve office aesthetics is buying new styles of furniture not commonly seen in offices. One example of unorthodox office furniture is rattan furniture. Retailers such as Wicker Paradise are known for selling elegant, caned rattan furniture perfect for tropical aesthetics. Rattan furniture may not be suitable for computer desks, but it can easily fit in your office’s break room, reception room, or manager’s office.

Rattan furniture also provides an advantage for reception rooms, since a reception room often gives visitors a first impression of your company. If you want your company to seem welcoming and pleasant, it’s important to select comfortable, appealing furniture that potential business partners and employees will notice. Rattan furniture works great as a resting place for reception room visitors. Make an effort to add more aesthetically pleasing furniture pieces to your office today, rattan or otherwise.