How to Successfully Throw Your First Backyard Barbeque

April 24, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Hardware

Summary: Hosting your first backyard barbeque can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to keep you focused on the things that really matter when planning.

As Spring is in full swing, with Summer right around the corner, you are probably thinking about all the barbeques you can attend or host. If this is your first time hosting a barbeque in your own yard, do not be overwhelmed. Follow these simple steps to set your yard up for the best barbeques now and in the future.

Reserve A Space for Kids

Help your friends and family with small children by setting up an area for the kids to play. You can get some outdoor toys and games, or paint and paper, to occupy them so their parents can sit back and enjoy the afternoon without having to worry. Set up this play space away from the grill so the kids will be away from the open flames.

Designate A Spot for Beverages

Nothing is worse than going to a barbeque and not being sure where to get drinks. On a hot, sunny day you want your guests to know exactly where to get water, soda, lemonade, etc. Set up a few coolers in a visible spot and fill them with ice and drinks. To ensure the drinks are cold, refrigerate them overnight beforehand, so you put already cold drinks into the cooler, rather than trying to get them cold.

Set Up Plenty of Seating

Make sure you have enough chairs and benches for all of your guests to have a place to sit. You want these seats to be comfortable and durable enough to potentially withstand a few food stains. So, you probably want to stay away from white fabric cushions.

Throwing your first barbeque can be an intimidating task. But if you focus on a few key things, that will ensure your guests have a good time.

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