How to Wash Down Pillows

February 9, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Furniture

Washing down pillows can be tricky. First, check if the label on the pillow states that it can be washed in a machine. If it is, check that the sewing around the pillow is secure.

Next, use a mild detergent for your down pillows. Wash in warm water – use a ‘gentle’ setting. If using a top load washing machine, it is recommended that you wash two pillows per washing cycle. It is very important that you remember to wash the down pillows on a ‘delicate’ setting – otherwise, you might end up damaging the down pillows.

Once the cycle is finished, you will need to rinse the down pillows twice on an extremely slow setting. This is in order to ensure that all the detergent is washed out. Once that is done – then set it on a low spin an extra two times to shake off the excess water, while not damaging the feathers.

When drying the pillows, use a ‘low heat’ setting. Keep in mind that between 4-6 hours is necessary to dry these down pillows. Keep fluffing up the pillows between drying cycles. Even if the pillow seems dry on the outside, keep in mind that they might actually still be damp inside. Keep drying the pillows until it is lump-free. If you want an added fluff to your pillows and a deliciously fresh smell, add a fabric softener sheet and a few clean tennis balls.

If the pillows you washed are not for constant use, then store them away in ‘breathable’ bags. If you use plastic bags, they will probably trap whatever moisture there is, which will then cause the pillows to decompose.