Restore the Bounce in your Couch with New Cushions

May 6, 2022 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home Improvement

Customers should consider replacing their cushions every 3 to 5 years. When cushions start to lose their bounce and fullness. Usually, this happens very subtly and it is not immediately noticed that there is a need to have new cushions fitted for a sofa or chairs. Here are some tips on when to choose new cushions.

Too Soft or too Firm?

When choosing new cushions it is suggested that you take your time. If you decide on cushions that are too soft there will be no support and back pain and stiffness will prevail. If you choose cushions that are too firm they will provide no comfort. The best option is somewhere in between taking time to find the right cushion for your couch will ensure long-term satisfaction and enjoyment.

Very Little Comfort

If after sitting on your couch you do not feel rested or comfortable it is a clear sign that your cushions are in need of being replaced. When you find that you are avoiding your couch it is probably because the cushions have lost their support and need to have new foam replacements. After fitting new cushions you will feel relaxed and revitalized after sitting on them.

Feeling Unrested

Having a nap on the couch and getting up with back pain is a sign that the cushions are not able to support the weight of your body. When you lie on the couch your mid section will sag into the cushions as they are soft with no bounce in them. New foam cushions will improve comfort and give your body a feeling of being rested after sleeping on the couch.