Simple Solutions for Carpet Stain Removal

April 20, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ DIY Tips

Carpet stains can be quite a bother. There are quite a number of methods around on how to get rid of stains on the carpet. Below is a list of the most effective ones.

Lemon juice – This is one of the best stain removal assistants around. You can use store-bought lemon juice, put it in a spray container bottle, and spray quite liberally on the stained area. Try not to wet the padding as this could cause more problems later on. Allow the lemon juice to sit for a few minutes and then slowly blot the stain out.

Rent a carpet cleaner – Most carpets should be cleaned with proper equipment. Do not even try to do so with things that are not suitable. Your best option would be to rent a little machine to professionally clean your carpet. While this is reasonably priced, it should also be able to tackle any stains that are heavily set into the carpet.

Hire a company – If you do not have the time to professionally clean your carpets on your own, why not hire a company to do it for you? This is something you should consider doing at least once a year, as it not only ensures that your carpets get thoroughly cleaned, but also saves on time and energy.

So the next time someone spills a drink or some sauce on your carpet, do not fret. You have quite a few methods under your sleeve to get out of trouble, and not worry over a little stain in your carpet.