The Importance of Cleaning Wicker Furniture

October 29, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home Improvement

Summary: If you want to increase the life of your wicker pieces, it’s important that you maintain and clean them accordingly.

When you purchase some wicker furniture, don’t treat it like you’d treat your average patio furniture. You can’t just spray it down and forget about it in hopes that all the dust, cobwebs, and other bacteria will just away. The truth is it’ll only get worse.

Clean and Maintain

Before you begin cleaning them from head to toe, make sure that the product that you have purchased to clean the chair is safe for wicker material. Some chemicals can be harmful to the furniture piece and can even destroy your prized Lane Venture pieces if you’re not careful enough. Wicker Paradise, a trusted wicker manufacturer highly suggests that you only use cleaning products that are designed for cleaning wicker furniture. By not doing this you could potentially, and possible irreversible, damage to your precious wicker furniture – which you already know how much these pieces costs.

Store Them After Use

Another step that you must take when cleaning your wicker furniture is to store away your wicker furniture pieces after you’re done using them. Not only are you protecting them from the changing weather patterns, but you’re also taking them out of the harmful UV rays and pollen that tends to land and stick to the pieces. Look to store your products in an appropriately sized bin that can fit outdoor furniture. After every use, be sure to cover all remaining wicker furniture pieces that aren’t stored away in order to provide them with a safe area.