Tips for buying outdoor furniture

February 2, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Furniture,Home Improvement

Outdoor spaces have become more popular in homes as they provide more space for homes that are smaller. Outdoor spaces are great for relaxing, entertaining, and dining, but before you invest in outdoor pieces here are some tips to help you invest in the right furniture for your outdoor space.

Consider your weather – If you have hot, dry weather, avoid wood furniture that can splinter and crack. On the other hand, if your home sees strong winds, it is a good idea to invest in heavy furniture like wrought iron that will not move and be able to handle constant moisture.

Measure your space- Look at your area and measure it to ensure that you buy the right sized furniture to sit a few people comfortably. Wicker Paradise recommends considering the traffic flow by looking at where people will enter and exit your space.

Where will you place your furniture – Does your outdoor space have overhead covering? Will you rest your furniture on a deck, soft ground or grass? Answering these questions before investing in outdoor pieces, means that you can look for furniture that matches your environment and surroundings. It is best not to place softwoods such as pine on grassy surfaces as this can cause wood to rot.

Pay attention to comfort – Outdoor furniture needs to be comfortable therefore adding cushions to your seating is a good idea. If you are choosing wicker furniture, cushions are a must. However, ensure that the fabric you select is suitable for outdoor use and are fade and mildew resistant.


Tips for buying outdoor furniture