Why Foam Is The Best Soundproofing For Musicians

March 21, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Hardware

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Maybe you’re a musician who wants to record without noise ruining your song’s sound quality. You might be wondering how to reduce unwanted noise in a specific room. Based on your specific needs, acoustic foam or sound proofing foam is one of the tools you can use to reduce noise pollution and unwanted sound within an enclosed space.

It’s important to note that foam does not completely block sound from traveling through walls. The function of acoustic foam is to reduce echoes and absorb vibrations that would otherwise bounce off a room’s walls. Acoustic foam is often cut into shapes such as wedges or pyramids for this purpose. Flat, reflective surfaces make it easier for sound to bounce, while the shape and quality of acoustic foam reduces air resistance, dissipating excess vibrations into heat. This is also why acoustic foam will not block out sound coming from your neighbor’s house, nor will it eliminate sound inside a room.

This is why acoustic foam is ideal for musicians. You don’t want to completely block out the sound inside your studio. Your voice or instruments might not sound as resonant or satisfying when you record it in a room that’s too quiet. Instead, you want to keep the most desirable sounds while eliminating all of the unnecessary aural disturbances and annoyances that reduce the quality of your recording.

The Foam Factory has several different acoustic foam products that can help you capture the most ideal sounds. From traditional wedged acoustic foam to bass blockers, you’re sure to find the best tools for your recording needs. Contact them today for more details.