Packaging foam is a must for online shippers

August 10, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Hardware,Industrial and Manufacturing

It’s happened to all of us. We have ordered a product online, waiting in gleeful excitement, and then the package arrives. Our enthusiasm, however, quickly melts away when we open the exterior packaging only to find the contents inside discombobulated after its journey. Not only does this create a poor experience for customers, but it also means added expense for the shipper as they need to reship yet another product to the customer.

This entire situation could easily have been avoided had the shipper taken the time to package the item properly. Identifying the correct packaging solution is easier now than ever with the evolving technology behind packaging foam. Charcoal foam, for instance, is practical for packaging and in the casing of frequently used and delicate items, as it will maintain a professional appearance without dirtying. Polyethylene closed-cell foam padding does a great job of dampening the effects of vibration.

Now, whether the need is a single package for a musical instrument or delicate piece of electronics, or several thousand cases to ship a mass-produced part in bulk, packaging foam can be custom cut according to the exact specifications of a product. This means that not only does the product arrive safely to the end recipient, but it also looks professional and demonstrates the care that went into the entire process.

As mentioned, today’s foam packaging products come in a wide array of materials, which makes it perfect for those who are selling products online on eCommerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon. For additional information about packaging foam options, contact Foam Factory.